You got questions - I got answers!

So, it goes something like this...

What if......

What if you're ill, your car breaks down, your camera gets smashed, you lose a memory card.

For equipment I carry spares. Memory cards are duplicated and backups are also cloud based. I have insurance and also a huge network of fellow photographers who help each other out in an emergency.

What's your style of photography?

Documentary, reportage, photojournalistic, candid, natural (insert your own word here😉 ) It's all about taking photos that will make you laugh, make you cry (happy tears!), and take you right back to that awesome wedding day

Do we get to meet you before the day?

It's fantastic to have a catch up before the wedding, to chat through your plans and find out what shenanigans you're planning. Most of the time these are on Zoom/Skype because they're super easy to organise and it helps to keep down my carbon footprint 😃

When, where, what, how?

How many photos do we get? 600+ for a full day, but I don't cap it. You get all the good ones!

When do we seem them? It depends on the time of year (and how busy I am!). I aim for preview within a few days of the wedding then the full set within 6 weeks.

Where do we see the images? In a private online gallery that you can download from

What can we do with the images? Print, print, print and share them!

Do you do group shots?


They're never a big part of the day, but an important thing for most couples to have a few.

Plan it right and they don't have to take over the whole afternoon

Do we have to pose??

No, no and once again NO!

I want to take photos of you that look! Why pose when you can be yourselves?!

So how do we book?!

Liking the sound of what you've seen? Want me at your wedding? I'd love to be there!

Just click on the link below to get in touch with all the juicy details and we can take it from there