Here is my documentary wedding photography gallery.

It's really hard trying to find a small selection that represents my approach to photography, but I've given it a go!

These are some of my favourite images from over 8 years of photographing weddings. 200+ weddings photographed in a relaxed, documentary style.

Nothing posed, no recreations of photos from someone else's wedding (why would you do that??!), just authentic, real moments.

Captured, Ninja Style

Something you'll notice is that there aren't any group photos in this gallery and nothing that you'd really call a portrait. Does that mean that I don't do group photos or couples pictures? Hell no!! Pretty much every wedding I shoot will include a small number of group photos, but the idea of this gallery is to show you what represents me as a photographer, to get a feel for my style, to see what I see.

You can also read a little more about my approach to photography over here.

If you'd like to see more, then head on over to my blog, where you'll find many more images, from lots of different weddings.